Team Members


Janet Jack
Janet was appointed CEO of the IAB and its affiliated body the IAAP (International Association of Accounting Professionals) in 2018. She brings a wealth of experience in both running her own and managing businesses within different sectors, working in the UK and internationally.
Janet qualifies as a bookkeeper in 1996 and established a significant and successful practice with clients including small businesses and SMEs.
Janet has a deep understanding of the needs of bookkeepers as well as the pressures brought by their clients. She has also operated in highly regulated industries following strict procedures, performing and ensuring due diligence, whilst managing people handling large cash sums and working in pressured performance environments.
Janet has held several volunteer positions for FSB (Federation of Small Business) progressing over several years to national treasurer and ultimately financial director. Her experience was key to supporting the organisation through significant changes and restructuring to deliver cost savings.
Janet’s ability as to lead at the highest levels and to deliver change means she is best placed to ensure the best service to members, while promoting and protecting the professional integrity of bookkeepers in the UK and internationally.