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Episode 18 of the IAB Podcast

In this episode of the IAB podcast, I’m interviewing the co-founders of Pixie.

Jordan is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Pixie. He’s previously worked and consulted with a number of leading names in the accounting profession including Practice Ignition, Accountex, Digital Accountancy Show and more. He’s also the host of ‘How to? with Pixie’ a video podcast sharing actionable strategies and insights for accountants & bookkeepers.

Pixie is a simple practice management app for small firms with big ambitions, helping you to manage your tasks, clients and deadlines in one place. In just a few clicks, Pixie prioritises your to-do list, sends automatic reminders to clients, and helps you to systemise your workflows, saving you time and helping you to deliver a more proactive service to clients.

In the podcast I ask the 2 co-founders

  • What is Pixie?
  • Why was Pixie created?
  • What problems does Pixie solve for bookkeepers?
  • Why would firms use something like Pixie over e.g. excel spreadsheet?
  • Why is Pixie different to other solutions?
  • Tips for implementing practice management/workflow solutions?

To visit the website click here


Listen in to the podcast here.

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