Scammers ‘posing as bailiffs and enforcement officers’

Scammers ‘posing as bailiffs and enforcement officers’

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The Courts & Tribunals Service (CTS) is calling on people to stay vigilant against fraudsters posing as enforcement officers and bailiffs.

A spokesman said: “We have become aware of scammers phoning members of the public, posing as County Court bailiffs, High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) and Certificated Enforcement Agents (CEAs). During the calls, the fraudsters claim that the person owes money, and demands that they transfer funds into a bank account.”

The CTS does contact people by phone to discuss a warrant of control and will offer to take debit or credit card payments over the phone. But it states it will never:

  • telephone you to ask for your bank details.
  • telephone you to ask you to make a bank transfer using your sort code and account number.

“If anyone claiming to be a county court bailiff, an HCEO or CEA calls asking for this information, you should not make any payment and not give their bank details,” the spokesman added.

It is advising that in these circumstances you should end the call and contact:

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