Normandy Memorial Trust

The IAB charity of 2021
The British Normandy Memorial will stand in a place where history was shaped.
On the columns of the Memorial, constructed on a hillside above Gold Beach, will be inscribed the names of 22,442 servicemen and women who lost their lives on D-Day and during The Battle of Normandy.
For many generations to come, people will be able to visit the Memorial to reflect and to remember.
Meet George Batts MBE Leg d’Hon
Patron, Normandy Memorial Trust
Listen to George’s incredible story here
Normandy Veteran Patron George Batts MBE, Leg d’Hon.,
reflects on why the Memorial means so much to him and to those he left behind.

To raise money for the education centre, we plan on cycling from the IAB offices in Kent from 16th September to
Dover and then from Calais to Gold Beach, Normandy to arrive on 19th September 2021