New Practising Certificate

The cost to apply for a new practising certificate is £160. This is in addition to annual membership fees. The certificate will run for one year.
Process for applying
The first step to applying for a practising certificate is to fill in the initial application form which can be downloaded using the following link*.

Once completed, email the form to along with payment details. Payment will be taken upon receiving the application. Money Laundering Supervision will commence immediately and run for the period of one year.

The next step is to complete the IAB Programme of Compliance for members applying for their first practising certificate with the IAB. Members in Practice are required to complete a number of steps to confirm compliance with their obligations to the IAB Code of Practice and Anti-Money Laundering Legislation. This programme must be completed within 3 months of receiving the initial application.

This programme will be emailed to you once your application has been received. The compliance team will work with you to help you to complete the programme. Once it is complete and compliance has been confirmed, the practising certificate will be sent to you; your details will be listed on the ‘Find a Bookkeeper’ section of the IAB website and you will be able to use the IAB Member in Practice logo.
*Please note: If you are unable to fill in the form electronically you can download and print the following form and return it to the IAB via post.
If you would like to get guidance on the obligations of a member in practice prior to receiving the programme of compliance email please review the main member in practice page:
IAB Members in Practice section

If you require any assistance please contact the Compliance Department on or 01732 897756.