Supporting our professional members with IAB membership

IAB membership provides support throughout your career with a range of services, benefits and industry updates that will help you achieve your ambitions.

Whether you run a bookkeeping business or want to secure a position in an accountancy practice or local SME, the IAB is here for you. As a non-profit, member-led organisation, you can count on us having your interests at heart.
And depending on your qualifications and experience, you can be part of an international network of members across 60 countries.  There are three different grades of professional membership.
These are:
• Associate (AIAB)
• Member (MIAB)
• Fellow (FIAB)

and for those who are not practicing anymore but still want to keep in touch and up-to-date we have.
• Alumni 

Fellow membership is a mark of professional excellence, a signal to employers and businesses that you are at the very top of your field.

As the highest grade of IAB membership, a Fellow is a special accolade as it:

Symbolises your proven expertise and experience

Enables you to use the letters FIAB after your name

And, of course – as with all levels of IAB membership – you can continue to enhance your skills through on-going professional development.

To find out which grade of membership you are eligible to apply for please click here.

Types of Membership



To become an IAB Associate member you will hold a minimum of a Level 2 in Bookkeeping Qualifications.


To become an IAB Member you will hold a Level 3 in a Bookkeeping Qualification.


To become an IAB Fellow Member you will hold a Level 4 or above in Bookkeeping Qualifications plus 2 years relevant experience.


This is for bookkeepers who are no longer in practice but, still wish to keep in touch and up-to-date.

AML Supervision is available for Member and Fellows as an upgraded membership.
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If you need to contact the Membership Department, please email us at or +44 (0)208 187 8888

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