How to handle difficult clients

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In this episode of the IAB Podcast I’m talking to Jane Gunn the International Mediator and we are discussing conflict resolution and how to handle difficult clients.

Jane is one of the leading Mediators in the UK, Jane is frequently called upon to act as a neutral third party to facilitate the resolution of disputes between businesses and individuals. She has over 20 years of experience and has mediated hundreds of disputes including, business, partnership, employment, property and construction, personal injury and clinical negligence, trusts and even family disputes.

Jane is a former corporate lawyer. She specializes in transforming business relationships and has helped numerous companies to move from deadlock situations to opening new streams of revenue and vibrant corporate culture. Saving her clients thousands of £ s, tiresome lawsuits, devastating disputes and ruined relationships on the way.

In this podcast, I ask Jane
• Conflict resolution what is it?
• How to approach a difficult client
• How can you build confidence to confront someone?
• How to prepare yourself before a difficult conversation
plus lots, lots more.

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