Friday Roundup Podcast 9th October 2020

The news from the week ending 9th October 2020


Sarah Palmer – COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing
Kerry Wale – Finance

Below are the notes from the podcast

On this week’s Friday Roundup we have…


  • Talks about our guest on this week’s coffee morning


  • Summary of the Winter Economy plan – link to the fact sheet
    • Furlough Scheme ending
    • Update on the Job Support Scheme
    • The Winter Economy Plan replaces the Autumn budget, so we wait to hear about the payroll changes for April 21
    • Hospitality vat reduction extended
    • Vat deferral scheme revised
    • Self-Assessment – deferral on payment
    • Extension on BBL loan repayments


  • Shares her insight and thoughts on the marketplace
  • Tips on how to survive and even grow your business in uncertain times


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