Friday Roundup Podcast 28th August 2020

The news from the week ending 28th August 2020

Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer – COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing
David Taylor –

Below are the notes from the podcast

On this week’s Friday Roundup we have…


  • Talks about our guests on this week’s coffee morning
  • David Taylor – DNASix on the latest podcast too where you can find at and of course now on Spotify
  • Carole Jackson – Bookkeeping for Everyone


  • Announces that the IAB is moving offices!
  • Explains the relationship the IAB has with DNASix and why the IAB is promoting their courses


  • Explains more about DNASix, its relevance in a fast-changing world. How to access the courses and their benefits.


  • Talks about the IAB’s sister company, the IAAP, which is currently offering DNASix courses and how IAB members can benefit from those recourses too
  • Draws attention to the new government grant for SMEs being announced next week and discusses some ideas about how bookkeepers can adapt their offering
  • This week’s top tip from Croner-i

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