Friday Roundup Podcast 23rd October 2020

The news from the week ending 23rd October 2020

Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer
 – COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing

Below are the notes from the podcast

On this week’s Friday Roundup we have…


  • Talks about our guest on this week’s coffee morning
    • Richard Tyler will be heading the Fundamentals 2 and presenting about how to Live and Lead on Purpose
    • Richard will bring in core principles that will enable you to not only reflect on your current choices but to begin taking ACTION.
    • Fundamentals 2 – The Return
      Echo Bear – When the NHS stop they start
      £5 for the bear and to purchase yours go to

Echo Heart Charity










  • Shares her thoughts on how businesses are being affected by the lockdown
  • Launch of the IAB Ambassador program


  • Summary of the current HMRC Schemes
    • Job Support Scheme (JSS)
    • Expansion of Job Support Scheme
    • Job Retention Bonus
    • CJRS Ending
    • Vat deferral scheme revised
    • SEISS
  • Note: changes to Holiday Calculation
  • Home Working Expenses

Holiday Day Webinar –

Home Work Expenses –


  • Further details about how to become an IAB Ambassador
  • And more about the Fundamentals 2

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