Friday Roundup Podcast 15th January 2021

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Please note this podcast was recorded on 14th January

The news from the week ending 15th January 2021

Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer
 – COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing

Below are the notes from the podcast

On this week’s Friday Roundup we have…




  • Welcomes members to the New Year
  • Continuing roll out of the National Ambassador Program
  • We are expecting the outcome of the first test case between the FCA and the insurance companies regarding non-payment of business interruption claims due to Covid


  • The IAB is planning on the assumption we will be in lockdown until Easter at the earliest
  • Financial Support Available
    • New Top Grants
    • Discretionary Local Council Support Grant
    • CJRS
    • CBILLS and BBL have been extended until 31st March
  • March Budget – No further financial support is expected until the budget



  • Further details about how to become an IAB Ambassador
  • Wishing everyone a safe lockdown

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