FAQs for Centres

FAQs for Centres

Please refer to the website links provided for further information about IAB Payroll qualifications and our Bookkeeping qualifications (if you click on the qualification links, you can find detailed information about each qualification), this will provide you with what you need to teach learners.

IAB does not have any entry requirements to qualifications. Learners should begin their studies at the level where their competence lies.

The only person that can have access to QuartzWeb is the Main Contact/Exams Officer, if you are the Main Contact/Exams Officer and don’t have access then please email us on ao@iab.org.uk and request to be granted access to the portal.

The eSubmission registration form should be brown, please go into QuartzWeb and download the correct form as the system will not allow old forms.

When you have logged into QuartzWeb, click Actions, ERistration submission, click the qualification you require and click continue, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see ‘Click Here for a ‘Standard ERegistration’ submission form (as an Excel file).’ You can then download the form.

When you submit the eRegistration form, please ensure you only choose one subject per class, also use the drop-down arrows to the right of the row, so when it is Woman or Man, click to the right and there is a drop-down option and you choose Woman or Man, the same with Adjustment column, choose No or Yes from drop down arrow to the right of row.

The form has not been filled in completely or correctly, the system will not allow us to process the registration without all details being filled in correctly, a date of birth or email address has to be provided along with their full name, address and gender.
Class registrations will be processed within seven working days.

The Main contact for the centre needs to let us know via email on ao@iab.org.uk stating you are a tutor for their centre, providing your full name and which qualification you will be teaching and we will add you to the system, we will also give you access to our website where you can access our sample material for certain courses. The Qualification Specification you can download without specific access, please see where to access the Qualification Specification question on our FAQs.

When you have logged into our website with your username and password, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Centre Area’ then click on ‘Sample Assessment Material’ to the left of the screen and click on the appropriate qualification you want.

As long as the learner has achieved all units, then results of paper examinations can take up to 10 weeks to issue. Results of online examinations can take up to six to eight weeks to issue.

It is dependent on when they took the qualification, if it is a recent RQF qualification then this can be re-issued at a cost of £20*, if it is a QCF qualification then as it is an old qualification we would need to issue a verifiable statement only at a cost of £20* (*postage charges may also be incurred). Please contact us on ao@iab.org.uk quoting the Class number, IAB number, full name, date of birth, qualification title and date it was issued.

IAB requires five weeks’ notice of examination bookings for paper examinations and three weeks’ notice for online examinations.
They have 12 months to complete their course they have been registered on.

Yes the registration can be extended for another 6-months at a cost of £50. Please contact us on ao@iab.org.uk quoting the Class number, IAB number, full name, date of birth and qualification title and we will invoice you £50 and when we receive payment we will update the learners account.

IAB do not offer a study textbook for computerised bookkeeping as this qualification is non-software specific and centres should find a skills book related to the software package of their choice or create their own resources.
Our level 1 – 3 Computerised Accounting for Business qualifications include Sage resources. These resources consist of a knowledge book, a skills book and a 180 day trial Sage disk.
The computerised bookkeeping and payroll qualifications both require the use of computerised software. Computerised bookkeeping requires a commercially available computerised bookkeeping software package. Payroll requires the use of a commercially available computerised payroll software package. This is not something provided by the IAB and is not included within the computerised bookkeeping or payroll qualifications; this would need to be purchased separately by the centre when completing these qualifications.

When studying bookkeeping or payroll qualifications, study textbooks have been written by IAB examiners for these qualifications. These are available to purchase separately for the relevant qualification. Please look at our IAB shop. We offer a discount of 10% on orders of 10 or more books for centres. You can order the study texts via ao@iab.org.uk to obtain the 10% discount.

The fee for a resit is £45 per exam plus any hosting fee due to the external examination centre. Learners wishing to resit an online unit will be charged £25 per unit. Learners are entitled to get their online units reset once before a fee will be charged. Please contact us on ao@iab.org.uk quoting the Class number, IAB number, full name and qualification title and we will invoice you £45/£25 (dependant on paper or online) and when we receive payment we will update the learners account.

When a learner/centre is unable to sit an exam without a valid reason and the papers have been dispatched to the centre the IAB reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of £50 per learner.
When a learner/centre wishes to re-arrange an exam, the IAB reserves the right to charge a transfer fee of £40 per learner.
TQT stands for ‘Total Qualification Time’ and is an estimate of the amount of time that a learner might reasonably require to achieve the level of attainment necessary for the award of a qualification. TQT includes GLH (Guided Learning Hours), which describes the time spent by a learner being taught or instructed by a tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training. The remaining hours are time spent by the learner in preparation, study or any other form of participation in education or training that takes place as directed by, but not under the immediate guidance or supervision of, a tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training.

‘Award’ indicates a small-sized qualification (i.e. a qualification that has a Total Qualification Time value of 120 or less hours);

‘Certificate’ indicates a medium-sized qualification (i.e. a qualification that has a Total Qualification Time value in the range 121-369 hours)

‘Diploma’ indicates a large-sized qualification (i.e. a qualification with a Total Qualification Time value of 370 or more hours).

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