Coffee Morning Zoom Calls

Join us every 2 weeks for a live zoom call, where you can chat with the team and find out the latest from the IAB and the world of Bookkeeping PLUS regular guest speakers helping you to build your practice.
Join Janet Jack our CEO, Sarah Palmer our COO and Simon Jordan our Creative Director on these info-packed coffee morning calls.
Janet Jack
Sarah Palmer
Simon Jordan
How to join

Our next live call us at 11 am on the 13th January 2021

Feedback from previous Coffee Morning Calls

“I find these coffee mornings invaluable both for technical advice and lifting my spirits. Thank you so much.”

“These meetings are uplifting and make me feel more worthwhile. Thank you all so much.”

“They are invaluable thank you IAB for organising it is really appreciated.”

“The meetings are great, Thank you, Feel like they are my weekly team meeting.”

“I love these meetings they have been invaluable to me and to be able to ask for help.”

“I’ve learned so much from these coffee mornings and Sarah’s updates from HMRC, especially at this time, are really useful.”

“My first coffee morning – it’s lovely to see and hear everyone. thank you for all the info.”

“Thank you for the coffee mornings.”