T Allen Funeral Service


Lynn Allen of T Allen Funeral Service is a client of bookkeeper Roberta – Bobbie – Segal of HRJ Accountancy Services, Loughton, Essex, a Registered Bookkeeper with the International Association of Book-keepers. Lynn explains why bookkeeping is so important to her business

Lynn and Terry Allen opened their funeral service in Strood, one of the Medway Towns, in 1995. The family business now has branches in Rochester, Gillingham and Rainham. Son Mark joined the company in 1997 and daughter Helen two years later. The family members conduct every funeral personally.

“We’ve been in the funeral business for 19 years and Bobbie’s husband Howard has been our accountant for more than 30. Since Bobbie joined the practice, she has done the bookkeeping for us.

“I used to do the bookwork myself but it got to the stage every year where Howard would want something different and I wouldn’t know how to do it.

“I have so much to do and bookkeeping is one of the last things I want to do. I’m not a bookkeeper or accountant and every time I’d total up my columns, they’d be wrong. It’s easier to pay someone a few pounds and know they’re going to do a good job.

“Now they take care of everything. Bobbie is so helpful. If she needs anything she just picks up the phone and tells me what she wants. Or if I’ve got a problem, I ring her and ask what do I do.

“Bobbie gives me advice on tax changes and rings HMRC on my behalf because she knows what she’s talking about. She just tells me what I’ve got to pay and when, and I’m happy with that.

“Once a month I parcel up the bookwork, send it to Bobbie, and she keeps it on computer. That way, she keeps on top of things. At the end of the year, we get all the bookwork back.

“When I put the wages over to her, I know that if I do it early in the morning, I will get it back in the afternoon.

“We see Bobbie and Howard once a year. They come to us or we go to them. We discuss what needs to be done the following year and how much our tax bill is going to be. I can’t fault them at all.

“I trust Bobbie 110%. She charges a fair price and takes an awful lot of headaches from me. I wouldn’t be without her. She’s absolutely wonderful. Why do something you don’t know about when you can pay someone who does?”

To find a professional bookkeeper to support your business, visit www.iab.org.uk/find-bookkeeper