IAB promotes the highest levels of Integrity and DBS checks are a way that members can demonstrate professional standards in bookkeeping and in relation to Anti Money Laundering. (note DBS checks are becoming commonly used by many employers)
A DBS Certificate is based on the information available to the DBS Service on the date it is issued. To ensure checks are relatively current, IAB will accept evidence of a DBS check up to six months after the date it was issued.

Provided that a DBS Certificate is dated not more than six months prior to which ever application is being processed (i.e. for Membership, AML Supervision or Renewals) it can be accepted.

(Some members align their Membership and AML renewals so that both can be processed on the same date – in which case the same DBS certificate will work for both)

You can provide your DBS ‘share code’ or ‘consent code’ or upload a scan of your DBS certificate using the link in your email

DBS checks are available only for residents within the U.K. including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
IAB membership require evidence of a valid and recent DBS check (i.e. no older than 6 months

IAB recommend using the Government site:

The charge is around £23
However, there are other intermediary service providers sometimes at higher cost.

Yes. IAB only need to know the result. That is why we prefer the single use ‘share’ code provided to the individual by the DBS Service which allows IAB to confirm just the check result. This way of accessing the result is convenient and time limited.

IAB will accept scanned (not photographed) copies of DBS certificates in .pdf format but members should be aware that email transmission of documents is less secure and use of this method is at the members own responsibility.

AML stands for ‘Anti Money Laundering’ and it is usually linked with the ‘Money Laundering Regulations 2017’ which are part of UK Law and govern the way Bookkeepers providing their services to the public must conduct their business.

To Find out more. Read this guidance. Download PDF here.


BOOM stands for ‘Beneficial Owner, Officer or Manager’
For a full definition and explanation. Read Section 3.2.5 of this guidance:

Effective from 10th January 2020 the revised ML Regulations require that the business provides proof (i.e. DBS Check) that none of the BOOMs associated with the business have relevant criminal convictions.

Certain ‘relevant’ convictions (Listed in Schedule 3 of the ML Regs) are a bar to IAB membership.

Acceptance as an IAB member with other convictions is possible but subject to special application and approval.