80% of small business owners ‘experiencing poor mental health’

80% of small business owners ‘experiencing poor mental health’

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Four in five small business owners report experiencing symptoms of poor mental health at least a few times a year, according to a new study by Mental Health UK and the small business lender iwoca.

The research also found that the Covid-19 crisis has made this more acute, with people reporting panic attacks and experiencing symptoms of depression more frequently since the pandemic began.

Some 86% of female business owners reported experiencing poor mental health, compared with 77% of males. Despite this, 44% of small business owners have never accessed mental health support.

An inability to focus (66%) was most commonly reported by small business owners, followed by the anxiety (64%) and disrupted sleep (63%). Almost a quarter (24%) have panic attacks and 37% experience symptoms of depression.

More than a fifth or respondents (22%) stated that they often shut off and disengage from others when experiencing mental health issues, with just one in four (25%) having accessed professional help. When pressed on why they hadn’t sought help, just under a third (31%) of owners said they didn’t know where to go for help or were unaware support existed.

  • For more information and to find details of where to get help and advice go to https://mentalhealth-uk.org/

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