2021 Membership Renewals Explained

2021 Membership Renewals Explained

Currently, all members renew on 1st Jan each year and this creates a large administrative burden on the membership team so this year we have decided to change the renewal dates for each member with the intention that in future years the membership renewal process will be spread across the year and we will be able to service your requirements more efficiently.
Please note that your renewal date still remains as of the 1st Jan 2021 – it is the subsequent renewal date which has changed.

This is for professional membership only and does not affect your AML Supervision renewal date – however, it is important to note that if your professional membership expires then your AML supervision is also null and void. If you do wish to align both your professional membership and AML supervision then please email the membership team membership@iab.org.uk

We are asking for membership renewal to be completed via a new membership form which has been sent to you via email. This email is really important as you can no longer renew via the website. I understand there have been some email deliverability issues so please double-check spam folders – a first email was sent on 26th November and a second email was sent on the 10th December. If you have not received this then please email the membership team on membership@iab.org.uk

The email you receive is specific to you so please read through the options available at the bottom of the email and decide on which option suits you best. Click on the correct option and you will be directed to the renewal form, payment will need to be made before the form can be submitted.

This year, as an organisation, we have decided to ask all our members to be DBS checked. This is due to new legislation and is a mandatory requirement. Only members who continue to renew in January are being asked to supply this information immediately and there is a link within the email to ask you to submit the relevant information. If you have been offered a renewal date other than January then you will be contacted by the membership team before the 30th April 2021 to request this information.

We are also issuing temporary membership certificates which expire on the 30th April. This is because of the time required to complete the DBS checks, once your DBS check has been completed you will be issued with a full membership certificate with the correct expiry date.

I would like to take this opportunity of reminding you of just some of the benefits that you receive with your IAB membership, the most valuable being the Accountancy Daily helpline where you can receive free tax, payroll and HR advice though Croner-I, this package costs over £3,500 per year but this is included within your membership.

We are also working with many of the software companies company to bring you further discounts and up to date information.

We have also just launched the new Ambassador programme which I hope many of you will choose to get involved with and I hope to see you on a Coffee Morning soon!

Thank you to all those who have already renewed your membership I look forward to welcoming everyone back to a packed year in 2021.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe Christmas

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